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  • Suzanne Smith

Safe again: Adapting home based services

Do you have an idea that can help those reliant on receiving essential services in their home, and those that deliver those services, all of whom have been greatly disrupted by COVID-19?

Challenge North East is giving SMEs up to £5k grant funding between January and March 2021 to develop solutions to support those sectors affected by COVID-19 who are reliant on delivering home-based services. Successful SMEs will also be in the running to receive further grant funding of up to £40k from April 2021, for the most scalable ideas.

COVID-19 has significantly changed services related to the home, whether this be increases in deliveries or disruption to traditional home-based services such as health visits or home maintenance.

It is unlikely these changes will reset back to normal at any point in the future, creating challenges for new ways of working and supporting those who rely on in-home services.

Do you have an idea that could support the safe and effective delivery of in-home services?

  • How might we ensure safety, confidence and trust of external visitors entering the home?

  • How might we effectively utilise digital and communication technologies which might not be understood by many end users?

  • How might we ensure in-home service standards remain high despite significant increases in demand and potential service disruptions?

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